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What Our Patients Are Saying

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Craig Ziering for providing such a FABULOUS TOP-NOTCH eyebrow transplant surgery. The staff was incredible and professional, I felt very welcomed. The procedure was painless. You exceeded my expectations for meticulously implanting each and every brow hair in the most natural angle that only Mother Nature could achieve. The hairs blend in perfectly as if my own genetic code had designed them for my particular facial structure. After researching eyebrow scars, I learned about Ziering Medical’s procedure which would transplant long hairs from the back of my head into my eyebrow to reconstruct it. Being very self-conscious of my scars from a very painful tattoo procedure done over 10 years ago, I decided to invest the time and money into having the procedure done. I firmly stand behind my choice as this being the BEST decision I have ever made. In less than a day, I felt renewed with a confidence that I have never had in myself. It’s funny how sometimes the smallest things can affect you so greatly. I could have lived with my scars, but instead I chose to have Dr. Ziering disguise them. The choice I made was worth it a hundred times over. It has been 8 months since the procedure and my eyebrows are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier! For all those considering hair transplantation, be it to the eyebrow, the top of the head, or face, make the right choice and chose Dr. Ziering as your surgeon. His entire staff is terrific, and the entire procedure was smooth, quick, accurate, and painless. Dr. Ziering, you are truly an artist. Thank you for invigorating my life and restoring my confidence. I am now going to embrace my 40’s and the rest of my life without this flaw all thanks to you. You have given me my life back. God Bless you.

Mary Clemente

“Why an eyebrow transplant at age 68? Simply put; to remove some stress from my life. The happiness I get from my eyebrows is an added bonus.
Going to the dentist, the doctor, trying on clothes, and even answering the doorbell was stressful. I was always worried that my pencil eyebrows would be smeared or worse rubbed off. Since I was an eyebrowless person, I was always very self conscious and embarrassed by the thought of not having eyebrows. I was on my way to the ER for treatment, and I remembered that I had forgotten to pencil on my eyebrows. We had to go back home so I could put on my eyebrows. Both my husband and my son insisted that this should never be a choice that had to be made. That I get “real” eyebrows was a choice I could live with. I decided that they were right.
Dr. Ziering was just wonderful, and so was his staff. The “Sneak Peek”procedure allowed me to see what my eyebrows would look like the same day. The procedure was very relaxing and did not hurt. I even got to watch “Pretty Woman”, a favorite movie of mine, during the procedure. The treatment I received was wonderful. I asked the staff and my son, the Doctor, if everyone was treated as wonderfully as I was. The answer was “yes, of course.” My eyebrows look fabulous, and I never have to worry about them.
My husband of 48 years has seen me with real eyebrows for the first time in the fifty plus years we have been together. He loves my eyebrows almost as much as I do.
What a pleasure they are – a wonderful gift! Any regrets? Yes, why did I wait so long. I should have done years ago. Don’t think about it – just do it – NOW! It’s so liberating!!


PS. I went for my first eyebrow waxing – how exciting it was.

Now that I have eyebrows, I feel like my face is complete and framed! I don’t have to hide my face anymore by growing long bangs. My self esteem is better. Thank you Ziering Medical. Your entire staff is professional and cordial.

Martha N.

Before & After Results