About Ziering Medical UK

Ziering Medical UK is a hair restoration organization that is privately owned and dedicated to innovating the process of hair restoration. The services of world-renowned hair transplantation expert Dr. Ziering are only available to UK residents through the Ziering Medical UK office.
With Ziering Medical UK, patients will experience:

  • A staff of experts personally chosen by Dr. Ziering
  • Groundbreaking medical equipment designed by Dr. Ziering himself
  • Procedures done using Dr. Ziering’s range of proprietary techniques
  • Non-surgical hair loss treatment methods

Ziering Medical UK prides itself on the smiles of satisfied patients. A hair transplant procedure is a very significant and life-changing process, and Ziering Medical UK takes each patient’s journey very seriously. For the doctors at Ziering Medical UK, the feeling that comes from giving a patient back their confidence is the reward for a job well done.

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More About Ziering

About Dr. Craig L. Ziering

Ziering Medical UK founder is Los Angeles-based Dr. Craig L. Ziering, who is world-renowned for his innovative methods and techniques. On top of constantly developing new equipment specifically for the process of hair restoration, Dr. Ziering is also a published author on several topics within the hair restoration field.
Despite his reputation as a world-class expert, Dr. Ziering continually pursues educational opportunities all around the world. He is constantly picking up new ideas from the seminars and classes he attends, and he uses those ideas to refine the techniques used by Ziering Medical UK. Dr. Ziering has a strong passion for his work, and he believes that he must continually update his education to offer better service to his patients.
Dr. Ziering personally chooses each staff member based on their commitment to providing the very best care for patients. Ziering Medical UK brings in doctors who uphold the company’s mission of providing compassionate and professional service throughout the entire procedure. From pre-operative process to follow-up appointments after a procedure is completed, Ziering Medical UK offers the very best in personal service.
When you visit Ziering Medical UK, you are presented with a wide range of treatment options for your situation. We have non-surgical processes involving lasers and medication, as well as the latest innovations by Dr. Ziering himself.
Our doctors use the approach of artists to create results that perfectly match the rest of your facial features. We have patient advocates who assist you in understanding the entire process, and make sure that you are fully-educated on what will happen during your life-altering hair transplant procedure.

Why Choose Ziering?

If you are looking for the premier expert in hair transplantation, then look no further than Dr. Ziering. Dr. Ziering and his staff find great satisfaction in their work, and their greatest sense of achievement comes when they see the smiles on their patients’ faces. Dr. Ziering takes great pride in being the solution that people call on when they want the very best in hair replacement and hair transplantation procedures.
Dr.Ziering and his staff understand the stigma that comes with hair loss, and that is why they work so hard to get each customer excellent results. When patients tell Dr. Ziering that he and his staff have changed their lives for the better, then all of the hard work is worth it.